The challenge

Studio8FOLD is an innovative design and strategy based practice in London and Berlin. They see architecture as a powerful nexus to fuse social and environmentally conscious projects with capital driven projects, specialising an outcome that leverages the best attributes of each. Despite Studio8FOLD’s progressiveness, their website and social media presence was incoherent and unreliable.

Design & Development 

Alex Hayes


Our response

Vast amounts of white space empowers their rich research-lead work and allows their photography to breathe. Contrasting this, a bold typeface, reflecting the weight and significance of their innovations and causes. The scale of this type fabricates an inclusive and legible platform for all users and varying devices.

My contribution

I had the privilege of creative freedom throughout the conceptualisation, website development and design. This was accompanied with a handful of feedback rounds with the founders. I planned and scheduled the project according to the deadline.