Death is considered one of the biggest taboos in the UK. This makes the preparation, coping and healing processes incredibly difficult and harmful to our overall well-being. To overcome this, we must normalise the topic and introduce it into our everyday lives and conversations.

Teaboo is a brand of tea that provides information about death and dying in a small booklet with every teabag. These booklets explain the basic yet crucial components of this topic, such as, how to write a living will, prepare for a funeral, choose the body disposal that’s right for you and much more! Combining such information with this common household product relinquishes
the sigma immediately.

In addition to this, Teaboo is developing a website to expand upon this information provided and hopes to offer a number of relative support groups and community gatherings. Teaboo aims to be available for everone everywhere, starting within our homes, cafés, hospitals, hospices and community centres.

Founder & Product Designer
Alex Hayes