Stick to Save

Chewing gum takes an astonishing 50 years to begin to decay and on average 500 years to fully decompose. Despite this, 85% of chewing gum is not disposed of correctly, which is why it’s the 2nd most common litter in the world, after cigarette butts. Consequently, the UK government spends £60 million every year cleaning it off the streets. Also, littered gum not only affects our everyday lives, but also takes a toll on our planet and wildlife. Commonly, animals that have been exposed to such toxic waste end up on peoples dinner plates, meaning we too are at risk of a number of health issues.

Stick to Save poster campaign raises awareness of the health, social and environmental impacts associated with chewing gum waste, whilst providing a sticking place for used gum if a bin is not available or nearby. Gum is often used and littered by 15-25 year-olds around public transport and high streets. Therefore, these quick, playful and interactive posters target the demographic perfectly. The simple design also enables the hard facts to soften, becoming more tangible and impactful towards users. Once filled, the gum is disposed of correctly and paper recycled.

Founder & Product Designer
Alex Hayes