The challenge

Infarm is a global vertical farming company that revolutionises the food supply chain and helps make cities self-sufficient in their food production. In addition to using 95% less land, Infarm requires 95% less water than traditional farming methods and uses no chemical pesticides. 

For prospective clients, investors, organisations and the general public to understand infarm’s vision, an online Impact Vision Paper was needed. It shares, ambitions, goals and commitments to create a new sustainable food system. Shedding light on the science, technology and innovation that goes into making infarming sustainable and impactful.

Graphic Design
Alex Hayes

Art Direction

Creative Director
Adam Kalderon

Project Manager
Eve Hohwieler
Jovana Frroku

Our response

The design for the Impact Vision Paper concentrates on making the heavy content more digestible and exciting for the viewer. Opening each title page with a unique colour palette and simple typography create a strong foundation for this intention to thrive. Dynamic grid structures allow a wide variety of content to express all necessary forms. Alongside a range of on-brand fonts in different weights, to emphasize specific text and create a pleasant user journey.

My Contribution

In order to design such an informative document, I started by gathering and understanding the content. This helped me identify the appropriate format and pairings for each piece of content.  Lead me towards 48 page content structure and contingent design layout. Many stakeholders and inhouse teams offered numerous rounds of feedback, until we landed at our desired goal.