The challenge

In the face of Brexit and the rise of nationalism, it was difficult to view the European continent as anything other than divided. How could we help change this directory and prove that cross collaboration is worth saving.

Content Curation
Alex Hayes
Megan Barclay

Design & Animation
Will Reuben
George Davidson
Holly Moxham

Eugene Caines

Our Response

34minus1 is an annual nonprofit independent culture magazine founded in 2019 by 5 creatives and I. We showcase the happenings across Europe whilst celebrating the positive effects of open borders and cross-cultural collaborations.

Following our undoubtedly positive experiences on Erasmus, Issue #01 celebrates the Erasmus scheme, a European funded programme that supports students to work and study abroad. We reached across the continent and had 40 submissions from 10 countries. This was curated down to 16 Erasmus students’ and 3 projects which promote positive collaborations in Europe.

My contribution

The content curation team consisted of Megan Barclay and I. We handled the entire application process, conducted and wrote interview features and curated all content. Once the content was ready, I assisted the design team with art direction, feedback and instagram posts.

The magazine cover image was directed by me and photographed by Eugene Caines. After that, Megan and I directed and photographed the magazines, merchandise and organised the launch party.