My visual communication and design experience encompasses corporate, agency and freelance work, with a history of digital, print and 3d interactive projects. I’ve worked on nationwide and international marketing, advertising and campaigns for small communities, NGOs and global brands. For example, the Climate Change Committee, Amnesty International, UK Anti-Corruption Coalition and Zalando Zircle.


Above all else, I care about creating social, environmental and political change throughout my design practice and personal life. In order to achieve this, I work with people who share these goals. In doing so, teams are more diverse, harmonized, transparent and happy. In my free time, I volunteer for a number of worthy causes, whilst identifying and promoting Intersectional Environmentalism. Voluntary work not only helps those in need, but also expands my understanding of the world and generates a holistic approach to design.


I believe you need to dismantle comfort zones, question systemic structures and be willing to learn from your mistakes in order to create impactful design.