The Challenge

The UK Anti-Corruption Coalition (UKACC) holds the powerful to account including political leaders, corporates and vested interests, whilst leading the global fight against corruption in the UK. Having recently established itself as an independent group, separate from the Bond network where it was previously hosted, the UKACC needed a visual identity to reflect its remit; pushing for openness, transparency and fairness.

Graphic Design
Alex Hayes
Megan Barclay
Homan Cheung
Georgia Collins

James Churchill

Creative Direction
Pali Palavathanan

Client Lead
Anoushka Rodda

Our Response

We designed a bold symbol that dials up the action. The symbol is balanced with a modern ink trap typeface giving the logo energy. The simple red, white and blue colour palette nods to the colours in the Union Jack. The identity also includes a series of ‘glitch’ images to convey corruption.

My contribution

At the beginning I assisted with concepcialising and idea generation. Together we narrowed our ideas down to three routes. After that, I helped evolve and actualise them, which included experimenting with designs and creating mock-ups. Once complete, the three routes were pitched and chosen by the client.