The Challenge

Animation was the perfect next step for Infarm to take stage and magnify their sleek brand. Firstly, they needed a short animation narrating the story behind their iconic locator, showing where it came from and what it represents. Secondly, an animation which encompasses the latter, but also portrays their fast growing global network.

Art Direction
Alex Hayes

Jiin Meng

Creative Director
Adam Kalderon

Project Manager
Eve Hohwieler
Jovana Frroku

Our Response

To emulate the brand and its requirements, we invoked a smooth and contingent animation, immersed in morphing iconography. Utilising all areas of the frame allowed icons to swiftly come in and out of focus. Sharp movements manifested a fresh and playful vibe, reinforcing infarm’s innovative solution focused approach.

My contribution

Pitching my ideas and concepts to the creative director was the first requirement of my role. Once the concept was confirmed, I had full creative freedom to storyboard both animations, in-line with the brand guidelines. Next, I handed my storyboards to the animator and offered him feedback throughout this final process.